The We Factor

(G. Smith)


When I start to wonder, allowing my mind to ponder

About Life, Family, Community; All the things in life that are precious to me

There is a Factor that’s substantial in the matter

It diminishes all damaging clatter

The Factor?

It’s not about me, it’s about WE

“The We Factor”


How can I help; lend a helping hand

Lifting someone from life’s sinking sand

A friend, a stranger, my loving spouse;

But it’s not required that you live in my house

For I have now a special care that causes me to share

That enables me to feel the burdens others bear


Now, I do not make decisions with only me in mind

Or covet earthly possessions, or claim everything as mine

For I have discovered, though its hard to conceive, it’s not about me, it is about WE

“The We Factor”


For me to show compassion to someone in despair

Or unmerited love and kindness to people everywhere

Is not a contemptable thing that’s very hard to do

Just take a moment…

Look at your life…

All that you have…

What do you see…

Is it complete…

Now hit delete

 Desperation- Hopelessness- Loneliness-

There are some that have lost everything; some that are in despair, hoping that someone, anyone would care. You do not have to give, but will you be willing to share?


We can do it together!

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